Airconsole TS 4N port

Airconsole TS 4N port



Airconsole TS 8N port

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Airconsole TS 8N port
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The Airconsole 8N port Terminal (Device) Server designed for 24/7 in rack operation.

Built in WIFI, 10/100 Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity provides access to serial ports via Web terminal, SSH, Telnet or virtual COM port mapping.

Flexible configuration allows further 4 port kits to be added to expand to 12 (or more in future) ports.

Powered via USB Power adaptor (included) or via PoE kit (optional kit coming September 2015).

Light weight and easy velcro mounting. - Flexible Expand serial ports via clip-on 4 Port Kits modules, Built in WIFI and Wired connectivity One small package supports both Wired and WIFI (802.11n) connectivity Start with 8 ports and add further ports through slide on 4 port modules

Cisco console pinout but DB9, DB25 and DEX adaptors also available

IP and/or Bluetooth connectivity (Note Bluetooth allows single port access at a time)

- Small Size Zero U, fits into your existing overcrowded racks Light enough to attach with Velcro anywhere and everywhere. External 5V power option ships with appropriate power adaptor or power from anything in rack or use optional PoE splitter.

- Enterprise ready - Yet works with Tablets and Smartphones. Full SNMP Monitoring Firewall friendly

- full user control of the TCP ports used by various features SSH security for session and device access Integrates with external Radius or TACACS+ Authentication servers Appears via Cisco CDP Works natively with PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices Built in Web Terminal

- direct terminal access with just a web browser and no plugins required Integrates with Airconsole Enterprise Server (Cloud or User Self Hosted)

- Cloud Connected Auto-tunnelled and concurrent connection to Cloud Concurrently can support a local serial port connection and tunnel same serial port to cloud service for remote access Supports Remote NOC operations

- Aggregate thousands of serial ports into a single Airconsole Enterprise Server Included licenses for Airconsole Enterprise Server option

- nothing more to buy to manage thousands of units

- Low Cost - from just $21/port Compare to Digi, Perle, Moxa, Opengear pricing typically at $50-100+ per port Other Centralised Management / Aggregation Server typically $$$ thousands extra (if offered at all)

- Low TCO via template-able configuration, OTA firmware upgrades, simple user interface, built in web terminal

Whats in the Box:

- Airconsole TS head unit in Cradle

- 4 port kit (slides onto head unit) x 2

- Airconsole Bluetooth USB Adaptor (installs in USB female port of last 4 port kit)

- USB to MicroUSB power cable 2.5m.

- 110-240V AC to 5V 1A DC USB power adaptor with US, UK, EU and AU plugs.

- Redemption card for Client License for connection to Airconsole Enterprise Server

Other Common Questions: The product is new - is it reliable? Design based on industry proven and mass produced hardware (low failure rates, millions of units produced and sold) Internal QA and testing of every unit before shipping Firmware developed and refined over 4 years since 2011

Airconsole TS comes with a full 12 month warranty - if it breaks no questions asked we will refund or replace at your option.

What features are missing compared to other Device servers?

Airconsole TS is designed to do everything you generally need for remote access to field equipment serial console ports and not complicated by anything you don’t.

However Airconsole TS does not have a few of the esoteric features that other Device servers have.

- remote serial port printing mode or behave like a terminal client itself rather than reverse terminal server.

Please review the user manual at our support page to confirm functionality before purchasing

Does Airconsole TS use proprietary features that locks us in for interoperability? Airconsole TS Uses industry standard protocols - SNMP, Radius, RFC2177, SSH, Cloud connectivity to the Enterprise server and Serial over Bluetooth Low Energy uses some of our proprietary tunnelling and protocols however these features are not essential for operation as a basic terminal server.

Is it difficult to setup? Easy web based configuration utility + or use our Airconsole QuickStart iOS/Android Apps (August 2015)

Defaults out of the box with the most common settings

Easy firmware upgrade process

Fits into existing Enterprise monitoring and Access Management tools

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Supported platforms Iphone, Ipad, Android, PC, Mac
Battery Life na
Support for tunneling to Airconsole Enterprise Server na
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