Airconsole Pro 2.0

Airconsole Pro 2.0

Airconsole LE RJ45

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Airconsole LE RJ45

Airconsole LE is the always on Serial adaptor that works via Bluetooth Low Energy. Equipped with a powerful internal LiPo battery which lasts for upto 6 months between charges.

Airconsole LE gets you connected to the ubiquitous RS232 serial port on networking, industrial and other field devices quickly from practically any type of host terminal that supports Bluetooth LE (including the free full featured terminals made by Get Console)


- Always on for instant discovery and connection. Connects within 2 seconds.

- works with our free, full featured iOS and Android terminal applications*, or from any terminal application on Windows* (ie Putty, SecureCRT), OSX (ie or Linux via our free drivers. Drivers will present Airconsole LE serial port as a virtual COM port (tty) directly connected to OS.

- Upto 6 months battery life while waiting for connection. Over 12+ continuous hours of serial data transmission on a single charge. Leave Airconsole LE plugged in and will be ready next time console access is needed.

- Easy configuration - change common settings such as baud rate, flow control and other settings directly from Terminal apps on iOS or Android, or use our free Airconsole Quickstart App to make more complex configuration setups. Quickstart allows for configuration over the air 

 - Built in Security options at both the Bluetooth layer and for connecting to serial ports or to make configuration changes. Allows Airconsole LE to be left plugged in to industrial device console ports, but in-accessable unless the bluetooth PIN and/or serial port password is known.

- Connectivity options - swap out the RJ45 Serial connector module for DB9 Standard, DB9 Null (reverse pinout) or DEX. Additional connector modules are sold separately for only $15.00 each. Alternatively use lower cost plug-on dongles to adapt to your RS232 presentation required.

- Hibernation mode for travelling on old aeroplanes or in locations where Bluetooth not allowed.

- Robust connectors and external shell. Withstands drops from 1m

- Lanyard pin for attaching to belts or keys (Lanyard strap not included)

* Free Android Terminal App for release May 2018. See for announcement and download details.

* Windows COM port driver for release April 2018, supports Windows 10+

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Supported platforms Iphone, Ipad, Android, PC, Mac
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