op5 monitoring software

op5 monitoring

op5 provides monitoring solutions that enable your IT department to gain full control over the IT operations and hence delivering a better and proactive service to your business.

Kruyswijk-ICT BV is a certified partner of op5 in the Netherlands and offers you pre-sales support on op5 solutions. Our after sales support consists of installation and configuration services and the operational support on your monitoring environment. This guarantees an optimal performance and the support of a local and experienced partner.

The monitoring solutions of op5 are scalable and targetted at both small (but critical) IT environments and very large high demanding enterprises that use distributed hardware, applications and services.

op5 Monitor is designed to monitor any device or network in your IT environment. op5 Monitor offers you a direct insight in the performance and potential problems of your network infrastructure, the applications, servers and other services that your organisation relies on.

op5 product overview

op5 Monitor Pro

op5 Monitor Pro

op5 Monitor Pro is designed for organisations that need a monitoring solution based on a single system deployment.

op5 Monitor Pro provides monitoring of all your servers, applications, network devices, databases, storage and cloud services.

All data is presented visually in a tactical dashboard. This gives you a full overview of the performance of all managed components.

op5 Monitor Pro allows monitoring of 50 to 500 devices. For each device an unlimited number of services is possible.

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op5 Monitor Enterprise+

op5 Monitor Enterprise+

op5 Monitor Enterprise+ is designed for enterprise organisations with a distributed IT environment that need monitoring for large numbers of devices and/or on several system deployments.

op5 Monitor Enterprise+ is flexible and scalable and capable of monitoring very large numbers of devices without stability and performance issues. The op5 Monitor Enterprise+ is a powerfull monitoring solution. Functionality and the number of devices scale with your needs. Adding Peers and Pollers for multi-tier designs or adding distributed and load sharing in monitoring is readily done.

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op5 Live

op5 Live

op5Live is an easy-to-use monitoring solution for monitoring the availability, up-time and performance of your company website and applications. Op5 Live is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution therefore no installation is needed.

You can use op5 Live as a stand-alone application, or integrate the functionality in op5 Monitor Ent+

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op5 Monitor Free

op5 Monitor Free

op5 Monitor Free is designed for smaller companies or IT departments.

op5 Monitor Free provides you with a central administration and configuration, trend analysis and SLA and availability reports. The maximum number of devices that you can monitor with the free version is 20.

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Main features

This section provides you with an overview of the main features of op5 Monitor.

Server Monitoring

op5 enables monitoring of servers and the configuration of alerts, reporting and visualisation of the performance. op5 supports physical, virtual, cloud based and hybrid environments.

Virtual Monitoring

op5 Monitor lets you monitor all virtual resources and infrastructures. Examples are VMware, ESX and vSphere, KVM, Citrix Zen and Microsoft HyoperV. In hybrid environments op5 enables monitoring of both the virtual and the physical parts of the infrastructure.

Cloud Monitoring

op5 supports monitoring of cloud based services, including standard checks on PaaS (for example Amazon Web Services) and SaaS (for example Google apps).

Open Source

op5 Monitor is based on the open source project Nagios (well-known and highly rewarded). op5 Monitor is plug-in compatible with Nagios and adds reliablity, stability and support. This enables the deployment of the most powerfull monitoring soluton in a high demanding enterprise environment.


op5 is flexible and scalable. The design allows for monitoring of very large numbers of devices (tens of thousands) without performance issues. op5 Monitor is designed for distributed monitoring, load sharing and the automatic failover of pollers.

Unified Monitoring

The unified tactical dashboard facilitates a single view on the performance of your total IT environment and shows the current state as well as parts of the infrastructure that will need attention or action in the (near) future. This powerfull dashboard reduces the number of incidents in your IT environment.

Performance monitoring

You have direct access to the performance of thousands of devices and interfaces in your network. The user interface allows for an easy-to-use access to the individual devices, to zoom into a device and monitor what is happening in detail. All in a single user interface.

Reports and visualisation

op5 Monitor generates the reports and visualisations that you need to analyse the data that is collected and share the results in your business.

Application monitoring

Application monitoring enables active monitoring of your critical applications like for example mailservers and webservers.

Business Service Management

The BSM functionality enables active monitoring of business processes (for example sales order processes and production processes).

Event correlation

Identification of events and the correlation between events is a powerfull tool for IT to quickly assess what is happening in the network and what measures need to be taken to prevent or solve an incident.

Network monitoring

op5 Monitor monitors the key performance metrics in your network and enables you to quickly respond during network outages.

Logserver monitoring

The op5 Logger is an integrated logserver that enables you to monitor and manage all your logfiles on a central, and secure location. The op5 Logger is an great tool in a fully compliant IT organisation.