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Exablaze is a dedicated supplier for the market of high-end switches and network interface cards. All network devices of Exablaze have a primary goal to realize the lowest possible latency. The equipment can be characterized by a clean, elegant and simple design.

The portfolio of Exablaze consists of layer 2 switches (with the new Exalink Fusion) and Network Interface Cards (the ExaNIC range). All products are modular and future upgradable, hence securing your investment of today.

Exablaze originates in the financial market. An environment where the latency demands continued to rise (high frequency trading). A fully new approach and design compared to traditional switches resulted in a successfull start of Exablaze and multiple installations worldwide. Today, the Exablaze switches and NIC's are placed in various markets, all characterised by low-latency demands. Examples are high performence computing, big data, telecom and data centers.

Kruyswijk-ICT BV is authorised partner of Exablaze and supports the Exablaze products in the Netherlands. This way of working ensures you have access to the fastest netwerk devices available on the maket and also the benefits from a local partner that understands your business and can assist you with design, implementation and support.

We offer the full portflio of Exablaze through our webshop. Pleae use the button below to access the Exablaze webshop.

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Network Interface Cards

The ExaNIC series brings a series of high end Network Interface Cards to the market. These NIC's are all characterized by an ultra low latency of less than a microsecond (application-to-application) for small Ehernet frames and 1.1 us for small TCP and UDP payloads on the X2/X4 NICS and even 920ns on the X10.

The NIC's have an FPGA module on board, enabling development of specific programs for your environment and application. The X10 also holds a built-in bridge function.

Het ExaNIC portfolio consists of the X10 and the X2/X4. Please click on the pictures below for a downloadable brochure.

ExaNIC X10

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ExaNIC X2/X4

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Unique Try-and-Buy

To see is to believe. That is why we offer together with Exablaze the unique possibility to be part of a try and buy program. After a trial period of 30 days you can decide to keep or return the equipment.

Please use this link to subscribe to this program.