Consultancy Services

Kruyswijk-ICT BV has a fully certified staff of network engineers. We offer a number of consultancy services that can help you for specific tasks or projects. Please read through the overview below to get an understanding of our experience. Off course we also offer long term deployment of a network engineer in your organisation.

Does your organisation have a network related problem or challenge? Do you have a shortage on qualified network personel? A temporary project? Please contact our sales department and discuss the possibilities and prices.


In a world of complex connections, new techniques and unlimited possibilities the demands on the network and security are high. Kruyswijk-ICT BV can help you realize these high security and network demands by giving excellent advice on security, routing, switching, low-latency and datacenter networks.

Design of network Infrastructure

Your network is a crucial part of your buiness and you need to make a choice between thousands of options and techniques. We can help you designing your network and realise a stable, secure and future proof network for you. The deliverable is a technical design of the network infrastructure and a project plan.

Network and Security advice

In the design phase and for implemented projects, we will provide you with an independent advice on network and security techniques. We test the design and the performance of you network.

We will provide you with a report on the changes you can do on your network, that will make you compliant (security) or better performing.

Network analysis

If you encounter performance problems on your network, we can perfom a network analysis for you. By measuring the network we will discover the problems and report on those. Together we will discuss the possible solutions.

Implementation of network monitoring tools

Network monitoring tools provide you with insight in the performance of your network, the actual latency and give you the possibility to monitor the network even when you are not in the office.

However, there is a large number of monitoring tools available on the market. We have the experience to help you in defining the requirements and selecting the appropriate tool for your network.

Security scans

How secure is your network? Are you vulnerable?

We can analyse the quality and strength of your network with our security scan.

  • Penetration tests
  • Social engineering
  • Ethical hacking

After the test, you will receive a report with an overview of the weak points and our advice on how to solve this.