Adding filezilla to Mac OSX el capitan

Today I was trying to add filezilla to my trusted El Capitan.

I downloaded it neatly from FileZilla Project and unzipped (and moved it to the Applications folder). After running, it kept complaining that the download was corrupt and should be moved to trash. My google search let me to the following forum. After reviewing it, I found that it was indeed the trusted setting in security.

Allow apps downloaded from:
* Mac App Store and identified developers



This can be found in “Allow applications downloaded from” setting on the General tab of the Security & Privacy dialog in your System Preferences.

After setting this to “Anywhere” I could start FileZilla. However, starting an SFTP session, resulted in an error “fzsftp could not be started” and “Could not connect to server”.

The only dirty hack I could find to have SFTP working, was going to the Applications folder. Select and select “get info” there I changed the security settings for everyone to read and write. I closed FileZilla and restarted the app. After that I could use SFTP without any issue.

Author: Maarten Kruyswijk

Maarten Kruyswijk is expert op gebied van Netwerk Infrastructuren en Security en in bezit van alle relevante certificaten (zoals Cisco CCIE, Ethical Hacker en …) Maarten Kruyswijk heeft een carrière als netwerk engineer doorlopen bij diverse gerenommeerde bedrijven, onder meer in de financiële sector en is sinds drie jaar actief als ondernemer. Maarten wordt door klanten en partners gewaardeerd om zijn inhoudelijke kennis, ondernemerschap en open stijl.

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