High Speed Networking

Arista Networks

Arista offers a broad portfolio of Gigabit Ethernet solutions, amongst others the series of 1/10/40 GbE and 100 GbE switches.

The Arista switches have deep buffers and hence facilitate a new design of network architectures. Arista Networks automates network management and enables a significant optimisation of the price/performance ratio of enterprise data center networks.

Software-driven cloud networking for large data centers and compute environment is the basis of Arista Networks. At the heart of the Arista platform is the EOS (Extensible Operating System) network operating system, an andvanced and fully open platform.

Arista Networks is mentioned by gartner in 2015 as a leader in the Magic Quadrant voor datacenter networks. For more information, follow this link.

Kruyswijk-ICT BV and Arista Networks have been partners in the Netherlands for years. We have all the knowledge and experience in house to be able to advise you through the portfolio of Arista Networks and to help you in the implementation, design and management of your network. Furthermore we also sell all relevant Arista accessoires like cabling and QSFP's.


This overview shows two of the products of Arista Networks. This is only a very small part of their full portfolio. We can off course provide you with all products from Arista Networks. Please use the link below to arrange a meeting at your office to discuss the possibilities.

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Arista 7500

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The Arista 7500 series is designed for large virtualised and cloud networks. The 7500 series is the best performing datacenter switch on the market and combines L2 and L3 features with a large number of additional features, like network monitoring, precision timing and VXLAN virtualisation.

Arista 7150

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The Arista 7150 serie is the industry leading ultra low latency 1RU platform, with a unique combination of performance, advanced feature set and a balanced set of resources. The 7150 is the perfect choice for low-latencdy demands in the financial markets, HPC clusters and virtualised datacenters.